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AEC’s Aftermarket Parts Support Team is expertly trained to assist you with all parts and service related inquiries. Providing you the right products you can trust in a timely manner to keep you running efficiently.

For the fastest service, please have the model and serial number of your equipment available.

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Order your blending, conveying, drying, size reduction, process cooling parts, and accessories from your machine’s manufacture, ensuring it’s the one specified for optimal performance.

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Industry Leading Aftermarket Parts Support

  • Thousands of wear parts and consumables ready to ship the same day.
  • Multi-million-dollar spare parts inventory – Continuously monitored to ensure availability and affordability.
  • Experienced customer service staff – Educated to help you identify the parts you need swiftly and accurately.
  • Direct access to engineering records – Our team can supply you with parts per original specifications.
  • Easy ordering online, phone, fax, or email

Pumps & Motors

All pumps and motor parts, whether OEM or aftermarket, will eventually wear out and require replacement for continued operability.  We have created a complete selection of aftermarket accessory parts to facilitate your evolving pump & motor part requirements.

Stock parts we carry are:

  • Impellers
  • Seals
  • Gaskets
  • Strainers
  • Dampeners
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Hoses
  • VFD Control Panels
  • Valves
  • Controllers
  • Switches


We carry thousands of aftermarket air compressor spare parts in stock and ready to ship today. In stock by manufacturer or OEM part number, we have the confidence to assist you in finding the exact air compressor spare parts you need.

Heat Transfer Fluids

AEC provides a comprehensive stock of heat transfer fluids to meet your needs in a variety of applications. Our fluids are specially formulated to effectively flush and remove trapped residual fluids, expel debris, loosen sludge, and resist oxidative breakdown. These fluids are proven to keep your system running at peak performance, reducing downtime and increasing the longevity of your system.

Heat Transfer Fluids Available Today:

  • TrueTherm – 550° F Heat Transfer Fluid
  • TrueFlush – Premium Grade Flushing Fluid
  • TrueClean for Water Units – De-Scaling Fluid
  • TrueClean for Oil Units
  • UCON – Heat Transfer Fluid 500

To help select an appropriate fluid for your application, our committed team of experts are on hand to assist you with selecting the correct heat transfer fluid.


It is recommended to change your desiccant tanks or beds periodically to assure optimum performance of your desiccant drying units. If your dryer is exhibiting poor dew point, smoke or dust is being blown out of the process air outlet, or your desiccant is brown in color, it is time to change your desiccant.

AEC offers large diameter and small diameter bead versions of both 13X and 4A molecular sieve desiccant. Our customer service team can assist you in choosing the correct desiccant for your AEC dryer. For other brand desiccant dryers, please provide the desiccant type and bead size approved for use in your drying system.

Knives & Screens

Knives & ScreensA granulator or shredder performs best and most economical when the blade is sharp. Regular knife changes and correct setting of the cutting gap help ensure you produce high quality regrind and reduced power consumption. AEC’s high quality knives are designed so that they meet the demanding needs of the size reduction process and reduce downtime. Knives are manufactured from the highest quality steel and to dimensional tolerances that meet or exceed OEM specifications. AEC uses heat treated high carbon high chromium D2 steel as well as specialized coatings that ensure our knives last longer than the competition. All blades are match ground per set to ensure a precise gap fit, precision cutting, and longevity.

Screens are manufactured from the highest quality materials, treated for wear resistance, and composed of stainless steel for longevity. Most standard screen sizes are available to ship within 24 hours, specialty screens can be quickly manufactured to your specific needs.  The right screen size can make a big impact on the performance of your machine. You can trust our Aftermarket Support Team to help you select the correct screen for your size reduction application.

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