WinterKooler Series

WinterKooler Series Supplemental Cooling System

WinterKooler Series Supplemental Cooling System are used where heat recovery chilling systems are not required. AEC’s WinterKooler Series system is an energy-saving supplemental chilling system that is designed to allow process cooling water to bypass your chiller whenever ambient air temperatures are low enough to provide sufficient cooling without mechanical refrigeration.

AEC has designed Winter-Kooler systems to be installed in conjunction with air-cooled or water-cooled chillers and will work with either a central or chiller-contained pump tank assembly.

Application note: To prevent freeze-up, unit must be operated with at least 50% water glycol mixture.

  • Heavy-duty cabinets designed for outdoor applications
  • Galvanized steel structural members
  • Heavy-gauge aluminum cabinet panels
  • Corrugated aluminum fins with staggered copper tubes for optimum heat transfer
  • PVC-coated steel fan guards for optimum corrosion protection
  • Energy-efficient fan motors; direct-drive fans rotate at 1,140 rpm
  • Pre-shipment testing includes pressure testing, dehydration, and pressurization
  • Units are UL listed and CSA-certified (UL listed for Canada)
  • Thermal overload protection and permanently-lubricated ball bearings on fan motors
  • Manual switchover
  • Fully baffled fan sections for structural strength; prevents fan windmilling during OFF cycles
  • Aluminum fan blades riveted to painted-steel spider and hubs; blades are statically and dynamically balanced
  • Fan motor leads wired to weatherproof electrical enclosure for single-point field wiring
  • One-year warranty on parts, materials; one-year warranty on service, including labor and materials
  • Switchover package option is designed for use with divided central chilled water pump tanks.
  • It requires 115 volts and 60 psi (414 kPa/4.2 bars) air for operation.
  • Available in 2.5”, 3”, 4”, 6”, or 8” (63, 76,102, 152, or 203 mm) outlet diameter sizes.

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