VACTRAC® Series 10/80 & 24/128 Controllers

Vacuum conveying has never been more simple or versatile than with AEC’s new VacTrac® Series 10/80 and 24/128 Controller.

The Vactrac 10/80 controller from AEC features enhanced graphics and control of up to 10 vacuum conveying pumps, 80 loading stations, and 80 purge valves.

The Vactrac 24/128 controller from AEC features enhanced graphics and control of up to 24 vacuum conveying pumps, 128 loading stations and 128 purge valves.

The 10/80 and 24/128 controllers utilize a DeviceNet distributed I/O network, and standard features include an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix controller with a 10” color touch-screen operator interface.

  • Time fill loading
  • Prioritized station loading
  • Manifold line sharing
  • Built-in system diagnostics
  • Add new equipment and/or equipment options without shutting down the system
  • Optimized for blender applications
  • 1 optional I/O per hopper (24/128)
  • Up to 3 optional I/O per hopper (10/80)
  • Additional touch-screen operator interfaces for multi-location access within the plant
  • Multiple vacuum pump and filter cleaning options
  • Line purging capability
  • Closed loop conveying
  • Local station On/Off control
  • Centralized remote proportioning valve control
  • Blowback filter cleaning at the loading station
  • Vacuum receiver positive discharge
  • Volume-fill of vacuum receiver
  • Low-level indication in supply hoppers
  • Local and/or centralized alarms
  • Ethernet capabilities
  • Supply power noise filter surge/suppressor
  • Granulator unloading

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