VacTrac® Plus

VacTrac® Plus Conveying Control System

Vacuum conveying has never been as simple or versatile than with AEC’s VacTrac® Plus Controller.

AEC has succeeded in creating the most flexible and reliable conveying controller on the market. The VacTrac® Plus provides ultra-flexible configurations with a seamless upgrade path. The number of pumps and receiver stations is customizable to fit processors’ changing needs. If a plant expands, adding on more lines or reconfiguring the operation, the VacTrac® Plus controller can be expanded without having to purchase a completely new system.

The number of pumps and receiver stations is customizable to fit changing needs. Units can be seamlessly upgraded by adding the required I/O modules and new software. Installation is made easy with a simple control setup that is swift and intuitive, bringing your system up and running faster than ever.


VacTrac® Plus Selection Guide

  • Allen Bradley Micro850® PLC
  • High resolution 7” color touchscreen
  • Customer assignable inputs and outputs – configurable pump and station combinations
  • Built in VNC server allows remote hosting of the HMI (Requires network connection)
  • Volume Fill or Time Fill Operation
  • Automatic pump shutdown
  • Filter blowback capabilities – including implosion style pump filters
  • “No Convey” Alarm – Alerts a possible material line clog or empty material bin
  • Pump oil change meter
  • 115/1/60 Supply Voltage
  • 24 VDC Control Voltage
  • Ability to configure 6 different functions at each receiver station:
    • Blowback for each station
    • RPV Valve for each station
    • Knife gate output for each station
    • Local alarm for each station
    • Purge valve for each station
    • Low level alarm for each station
  • Panel mounted audible/visual alarm
  • Remote mounted audible/visual alarm
  • Ethernet switch for Ethernet communication
  • cULus Listed Control Assembly with Serialized Label
  • Additional remote HMI

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One of the primary benefits of the AEC VacTrac® Plus Series is the sheer customization, as the number of pumps and receiver stations is configurable to meet changing factory needs.

Within each offering, the system is easily adaptable and can be updated based on future operation requirements. The VacTrac® Plus allows companies to customize their configuration of pumps, stations, and advanced control features – unlike other competitive, non-flexible conveying controllers, which have a fixed ratio of pumps and receiver stations.

Seamless Upgrade Path

  • Invest in Today, Expand in the Future

    The VacTrac® Plus allows users to purchase the control system required now with the knowledge that future expansion is not only possible, but simple and easily implemented.

VacTrac® Plus Factory
  • Vacuum Conveying Simplified

    Through the flexibility of the VacTrac® Plus control system, you can easily re-configure the existing control system to add additional molding lines without purchasing a new controller.

VacTrac® Plus Selection Guide

VTC Plus System Size

VacTrac® Plus1

Total Inputs Needed


Total Outputs Needed


Total Inputs Remaining


Total Outputs Remaining


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