TFH Series

TFH Series Fluff Feed Hoppers

TFH Series fluff feed hoppers are designed to feed a percentage of the fluff directly back into the extruder throat. The unique dual-stage design ensures that the fluff is mixed with the virgin material above the extruder throat. Each auger is independently adjustable and can be set to follow the extruder screw speed by monitoring a tachometer signal from the extruder. TFH fluff feed hoppers are designed to feed edge trim and roll scrap back into an extruder at a maximum rate of 30% of extruder output.

The TFH-HP is designed for those applications where scrap re-feed greater than 30% is common.

  • NEMA 12 enclosure
  • IR compensation
  • Up to 25% maximum re-feed rate1
  • Dependable auger metering
  • Machine-mount flange
  • Mild steel material contact surfaces
  • Independently-adjustable vertical mix auger and horizontal fluff metering auger
  • Fluff hopper with bottom clean-out door, includes safety switch
  • Individual speed adjustments using variable-frequency drives
  • Digital speed potentiometers
  • Fluff hopper bridge breaker
  • Extruder following signal isolator
  • Horizontal and vertical drive NEMA MG-31 AC inverter-duty motors
  • Optical level sensor with delay timer for field connection to grinder feed rolls and alarm device
  • Ammeters for each drive motor
  • Each auger (horizontal fluff feed and vertical mixing) can be adjusted independently, using the controls on the front panel.
  • 1 Fluff feedback rate is based on a non-extruder limited line, recycling 1.25 mil medium slip LDPE film. Extruder speed increase may be required to obtain maximum quoted feed rate. If extruder is running 100% plasticizing capacity on virgin material, loss in output may occur during fluff feeding.
  • High performance TFH-HP models are available to handle the toughest film scrap conditions. Yaskawa (Magnetek) flux vector (closed-loop vector) drive technology and a newly-designed re-feed pedestal combine to offer the very best fluff feeding performance available to the processor today.
  • Maximum TFH-HP fluff re-feed rates are based on the ability of the screw design to accept additional fluff vs. standard TFH units. Typical TFH-HP fluff feed rates exceed 30% of extruder output and rates of 45% have been achieved. Maximum fluff feed percentages will vary depending on material and equipment.
  • All TFH-HP Series fluff feed hoppers come standard with these additional features:
  • New high performance “Verti-Blend” vertical feed auger incorporates vertical compaction and mixing design to allow the maximum fluff re-feed percentages possible
  • Vertical side access door on pedestal for easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Heavy-duty gearbox assemblies
  • Heavy-duty fan-cooled brushless VFD-compatible Vector duty motors (AC)
  • Yaskawa (Magnetek) variable-frequency Vector drives (VFD) and systems
  • 460/3/60 supply voltage
  • Ammeters for each drive motor
  • Special voltage
  • 90° feed pedestal
  • Special design feed pedestal
  • Special mounting flange or throat adapter (extruder throat and flange drawings required)
  • Special cyclone hole in fluff hopper cover (exact specifications required)
  • Cyclone separators

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