SMS Series

SMS Series Manifold System

AEC’s SMS Manifold System functions as an accurate material distribution station, allowing for easy transfer of material from individual storage bins to multiple destinations. The Material Distribution Station can be operated as a fully-automatic system with automatic material selection and distribution, or it can be configured for manual operation.

  • Quick change female and male couplers available for fast material connections
  • Aluminum manifolds
  • Standard tube sizes available 1.5” – 3.0” OD
  • Stands available for both horizontal and vertical manifolds (2-4 manifold stand)
  • Vertical manifold configuration
  • Available in (2) branch through (6) branch manifold configurations
  • Horizontal manifolds
  • Stainless steel manifolds
  • “WYE” tubes available to connect manifold inlets
  • Stand sizes for both vertical and horizontal: 5-7 manifold stand, and 8+ manifold stand (consult factory)
  • Special manifold configurations are available (consult factory)

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