Angel Hair Traps

Angel Hair Traps

Angel hair traps are designed to trap “angel hair”, “streamers” or “snake skins” common in the conveying of plastic materials at the base of a silo or storage bin.
Two different styles are available – either Drawer or In-Line to fit your vacuum or pressure conveying systems needs.
The clear lid of the in-line unit allows the user to see when the trap is full and needs cleaning. Cleaning is simple, pull out the lid, and remove the angel hair.
Choose stainless steel for harder, more abrasive resins.
Choose aluminum construction for soft materials like PE.


Drawer Angel Hair Traps

  • Easy clean/removable screens available in stainless steel or aluminum in 1/2” or 3/4” expanded metal sizes
  • Aluminum construction, low profile design is only 8 1/2” high
  • Standard unit mounts directly to 12” maintenance gates and distribution (probe) boxes
  • Custom sizes available

In-Line Angel Hair Traps

  • Designed to mount material stream to collect angel hair and stringers while allowing the pellets to pass through
  • The clear viewing cover for level indication can be quickly removed for clean out
  • Three standard body sizes are 8”-10” and 18” with line sizes from 1.5” OD up to 6” OD
  • Body constructed of 12 gauge 304 stainless steel
  • Connects to the line with compression coupling

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