Portable Surge Bins

Portable Surge Bins

Our extensive line of portable material holding bins are ideal for storing and transporting both raw materials and finished product. Designed in a variety of standard and custom shapes – bins are available in various sizes to maximize and conserve handling time, space and energy. Several components and accessories are available to your specific needs. Construction materials include carbon, stainless and aluminum. Specialty agitator bins are designed to enable difficult-to- flow material to be moved effectively.


Standard Features

  • 2-Way Fork Lift Entry
  • Flared Stacking Pads
  • Heavy Duty 14 Gauge Construction
  • Painted Warm Gray (interior and exterior)

“Flo-Thru” Bin Features

  • 5° Hopper Slope for easy to flow materials
  • 4 Side Vacuum Wand Entry
  • 4” Slide Gate with Tension Springs

Steep Slope “Flo-Thru” Bin Features

  • 60° Hopper Slope for hard to flow materials
  • 4 Side Vacuum Wand Entry
  • 4” Slide Gate with Tension Springs
  • Available in Various Materials of Construction Casters
  • Push bar
  • Lexan® card holder
  • Vacuum Take-Off Boxes
  • Lift entries: 4-way fork lift, pallet jack
  • Slide gates, without vacuum entries: – 8” slide gates – 10” slide gates
  • 4” diameter view window
  • Covers: – 1 piece, solid – 1 piece, 8” hole – 2 piece (Clam shell opening)
  • Card holder, 3” x 5”
  • Bag breaking grate for hopper w/cover
  • Gaylord fill stand
  • Special paint
  • Interior epoxy paint

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