NGX Series

  • "I damn sure recommend it, and I'll definitely stick with AEC with this dryer."
    Dave Holland, Production Manager, Plastics Northwest
  • "It's so advanced, I'm actually using this dryer to train material handlers on how a dryer works."
    Dave Holland, Production Manager, Plastics Northwest

NGX Series Desiccant Bed Dryer

Optimize With MiVueSince 1957, AEC has been the leader in drying equipment for the plastics processing industry. The NGX Series Desiccant Bed Dryer leverages the AEC legacy and expertise to provide a system that is suited for most drying applications including extrusion, injection molding, and blow molding.

The NGX Series Dryer utilizes sophisticated control algorithms that optimize each adsorption and regeneration cycle for the ideal balance of performance and efficiency. Many competitive dryers run at a constant energy consumption profile, which results in higher energy usage. The NGX Series Dryer can save up to 27% in energy costs without sacrificing performance.

Learn More About the NGX Series Efficiency in the Case Study


Best-in-Class Drying Performance
  • Produce High Quality Parts
  • The highly capable dual-bed dryer maintains a consistent dew point below -40° degrees in most resins & operating conditions throughout the drying cycle.
Energy Efficient
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Optimized desiccant beds and regeneration cycle provide increased efficiency that lowers energy consumption by 27% when compared to wheel drying technology.
Flexible Configurations
  • Optimize Floor Space Utilization
  • Portable carts, integrated conveying, and machine mounted configurations allow integration into nearly any unique factory footprint.
Advanced Controls
  • Improve Factory Intelligence
  • Color Touch Screen, Allen-Bradley PLC, and two-way remote monitoring capabilities provide a robust platform to easily capture and act on process data.
  • Efficient single blower – dual desiccant bed design
  • Allen Bradley Micro850® PLC
  • 7” high resolution color touchscreen
  • Operating temperature range:
    Standard – 180°F to 250°F
  • Trending / Data Logging: process temperature, dew point, regeneration temperature, hopper return air temperature
  • Electrically-actuated air valve
  • 7 Day Timer / Auto-Start
  • Dirty Filter Indicator
  • Switch on dew point valve for energy savings
  • Alarm light & horn
  • Ethernet switch kit
  • Volatile trap
  • Pre-cooler and aftercooler for low and high temperature applications
  • Optional low temp units:
    120°F to 180°F
  • Optional high temp units:
    250°F to 375°F

Best-in-Class Drying Performance Maintains Quality

Desiccant Bed Drying Technology is Known for Excellent Drying Performance

When conditions get tough, the NGX Series Desiccant Bed Dryer delivers. The NGX Series was engineered to improve the desiccant bed concept by optimizing air flow, temperature and time duration.

The NGX Dryer also adjusts the regeneration cycle based on operating conditions. If dew point or material moisture levels change, the smart control system adjusts the regeneration cycle accordingly. Additionally, over-dry protection comes standard to protect sensitive resin. The result is efficient, best-in-class drying performance.

Engineered for Efficiency

Optional Switch-On Dew Point Feature Provides Additional Energy Savings

During the cold winter months and cool summer nights, ambient dew points often drop substantially. The NGX Series Dryer takes advantage of these changing conditions in a smart way. AEC’s Switch-On Dew Point option monitors critical parameters that allow the dryer to optimize each desiccant bed cycle time, resulting in energy reduction.

Read the Case Study

NGX Series Desiccant Bed Dryers Video

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