MH Series

MH Series Machine Hopper

MH Series machine hopper loaders offer a unique mass flow and compact design. MH machine hoppers are available in insulated and non-insulated configurations. Larger models include a hinged access door for easy access and maintenance.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy-view Lexan® sight glass
  • Adjustable quick-release clamp design
  • Slide gate
  • 7” x 7” square flange
  • Hinged access door available on 3.0 cu. ft. models and larger
  • Cover selections available for mounting various loader
  • Premium machine-mount slide gate
  • Flange transition from 7” to 4” square
  • Drawer magnet with slide gate
  • Blank cover
  • Manual fill cover
  • Vacuum hopper cover

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