MDT Series Modular Take-Off Boxes

MDT Series Modular Take-Off Boxes

MDT Modular Take-Off Boxes are designed to introduce virtually any material into your vacuum conveying system. While these boxes are highly efficient for use with plastic pellets and long distances, they are excellent for use with regrind and hard-to-flow materials and provide durable construction in a simple modular design.

The MDT Series take-off boxes feature stainless steel construction with stainless steel tube-in-tube assemblies for maximum flexibility in balancing the material flow into your conveying system. The versatile modular design is compatible with a wide range of applications and allows for easy assembly and cleanout.

  • Stainless steel box and tubes
  • Dual tube (Tube-in-tube) take off assemblies
  • Up to three take off assemblies per box
  • Sight glasses on unused positions
  • Ideal for conveying hard-to-flow material over long distances
  • Available box sizes: – 16” (406mm) square flange – maximum three take off assemblies – 10” (254mm) square flange – maximum two take off assemblies
  • Material clean-out gate
  • Blank plate on bottom
  • Adapter plate to mate to 7” x 7” or 9” x 9” square flange drying hoppers
  • Inlet air filter
  • Take-off tube sizes: – 1.5” OD – 2.0” OD – 2.5” OD – 3.0” OD – 3.5” OD – 4.0” OD

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