High Efficiency Central Chiller

  • “It’s crazy, these are some of the lowest energy usage numbers I’ve seen. Energy is a big part of the cost of producing a part. Having this kind of chiller technology helps us to ensure our products are profitable for us.”
    Facilities Manager

High Efficiency Central Chillers

The High Efficiency Central Chillers are remarkably energy efficient and can save processors up to 60% in electrical costs. The system continuously measures ambient and process conditions and will adjust to operate in the most efficient manner. Designed with electrical, mechanical and control redundancy, along with predictive analysis, downtime is virtually eliminated.

The High Efficiency Central Chiller is available in single circuits from 20 to 60 tons and is designed with modularity in mind. Users can purchase a system to meet their current process cooling needs. Expansion is made easy by plugging similar capacity units in parallel for up to 600 tons of cooling. The chillers control off the temperature of the tank and can maintain between 20°F to 80°F (-7°C to 26.6°C).

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Energy Efficient
  • The most efficient chiller of its kind.
  • Rewarding its users with upwards of 60% in average energy savings compared to traditional cooling systems.
Modular & Expandable
  • Invest in today, expand in the future.
    Offering expansions up to 10 modules with 600 tons of cooling capacity within the same control platform.
Virtually Eliminate Downtime
  • AEC maximizes uptime with a redundant design.
  • Chillers communicate with one another to maintain desired tank temperature. Should a unit go down, the others automatically compensate to maintain the necessary process temperature.

HE Chiller Savings Calculator

Standard Features

  • Hermetic tandem scroll compressors with crank case heaters.
  • Stainless steel, copper brazed plate evaporator.
  • Non-ferrous construction on chilled water piping side.
  • TS Tech™ Tool-less evaporator inlet strainer and evaporator back flush ports and strainer blow down valve.
  • Water-cooled models feature shell and tube condensers with electrically actuated cooling water regulating valves and inlet water temperature sensors.

Electrical Features

  • Single-point power and ground wire connections per circuit.

Refrigerant Features

  • Refrigerant suction and discharge pressure transducers.
  • Refrigerant suction and liquid line temperatures sensors for superheat and subcool readings.
  • Electronic expansion valve with sight glass and moisture indicator.
  • Encapsulated high discharge pressure safety switch with manual reset.
  • Removable core filter dryer.
  • Refrigerant discharge line, liquid line, and hot gas line service valves with Schrader access ports.

Controller Features

  • Enable or disable individual circuits or compressors.
  • Compressor hour tracking and staging to balance hours.
  • Compressor anti-cycle timer to prevent compressor short cycling.
  • High and low temperature warnings and faults.
  • High and low refrigerant suction and discharge warnings and faults to protect the compressor.

Complete System Access via Robust, Easy-To-Use Display
At the heart of the master module is an intelligent touch screen and controller.
Combined with the advanced 10” HD color display, users can easily control and
monitor the entire chiller system from one location. Rather than a basic list of
temperatures and pressures, the touch screen shows visual representation of the
status of each zone. If application parameters approach limitations, the zone will
automatically raise an alarm. If an alarm sounds, the machine will continue to operate
where possible, and custom-built software will provide guidance via ‘help’ screens.

Learn even more about our High Efficiency Chiller, download the white paper and case study.


Up to 60% More Efficient

  • High Efficiency Central Chillers VS Traditional Cooling Technologies

    AEC’s High Efficiency Central Chiller is the most efficient of its kind among chilling technologies, rewarding its users with upwards of 60% in average energy savings. A simple design makes for easy maintenance and service, saving additional time and cost. Compared to the VFD controlled compressor, the High Efficiency Chiller is much more efficient and much less complex.

  • Estimated Energy Cost Per Year

    Energy savings directly impacts the bottom line. By utilizing more efficient technologies, you can expect to see higher annual savings vs traditional cooling systems.
    The High Efficiency chiller realizes the largest savings when running between 40% - 80% of capacity. When running at the NPLV rates, the High Efficiency chiller will save up to 60% energy costs annually.

HE Chiller Savings Calculator

Load Weighting Load ASHRAE | Ambient
1% 100% 95℉
42% 75% 80℉
45% 50% 65℉
12% 25% 55℉

NPLV – High Efficiency Chiller

9.5 (BTU/(hr-Watt)

NPLV – Traditional Chiller Comparison

5.1 (BTU/(hr-Watt)

Efficiency Improvement


Saved Per (168 hrs/wk, 50 wks/year)


*Energy Savings are calculated per zone. Multiple savings by the number of connected modules. Same comments need to also apply to the report

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