GR2 Series

GR2 Series Film Grinders

AEC’s exclusive GR2 film grinders use dual cutting chambers to reduce the fluff to a smaller particle size, providing a higher bulk density, which results in higher re-feed rates. Scrap film first passes through a primary upper cutting chamber, then through a secondary lower chamber with a smaller screen. GR2 grinders are excellent for tacky, heat-sensitive materials, like LLDPE and PVC. GR2 Series grinder design permits a very high line speed edge trim, because the top chamber stays evacuated to enable efficient ingestion of materials. Excellent for high-speed cast film lines.

  • Two-stage high bulk density grinding performance
  • Frame-mounted control panel
  • Frame-mounted fluff blower
  • 4-blade adjustable slant knife rotor, 1-blade adjustable slant bed knife per chamber, D2 steel (10 blades total)
  • Reinforced grinder screen
  • Heavy-machined plate cutting chamber
  • Heavy-duty outboard-mounted bearings with scraper blades
  • 460/3/60 supply voltage
  • Doctor blade on lower roll to help reduce wrapping
  • Exclusive “undercut” knurl design helps prevent knurl wear
  • Heavy-duty hollow shaft gearbox and variable speed drive motor
  • Front door with hinge and quick-release clamp
  • Adjustable finger guards
  • Assembly hinged with quick-release clamp for cleaning
  • Pneumatic assist
  • Angled feed roll geometry to assist in feeding thick films
  • Steep wall grinder chute to advance roll stock and film
  • Optional feed roll reversing switch available
  • Safety switches on all hinged, opened components for safety

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