GH & GH-M Series

GH & GH-M Series Extrusion Control Units

The GH extrusion control and GH-M extruder rate monitor units match the extruder throughput, track material usage, and can control extruder output with the optional control system. Weight per length and weight per area control are also possible using haul off control.

  • Surge hopper with refill valve
  • Mass flow weigh hopper design for first in/first out material flow eliminates segregation
  • Weigh hopper with sight glass for visual check
  • High accuracy, precision cantilever load cell
  • Rockwell Micro850 PLC control system with high-resolution color touch screen
  • Material inventory
  • Line footage inventory
  • Line and screw speed pickup
  • DF-1 communications port (Ethernet optional)
  • Haul off and extruder speed control software included; specify at time of order
  • Weight per length control to ±1/2% of target
  • Serial printer port connection
  • Hopper lid arranged for AEC receivers and loaders
  • 15/1/60 supply voltage
  • Weight per area control available to ±1/2% of target
  • Haul off Encoder
  • Speed adjust module
  • Lid for non-AEC loader/receiver

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