Feedroll FRE Edge Trim Series

Feedroll FRE Edge Trim Series Thermoforming Feedrolls

Edge trim feedrolls are used in combination with a granulator to process narrow strips of sheet. They can be used inline or offline from the thermoforming press. Edge trim feedrolls can be used on a wide variety of granulators. Multiple feedroll assemblies can be used with a single granulator if your process creates more than one edge trim.

  • Smooth Rolls
  • Air cylinders apply roll pressure
  • Gear reduced direct drive (FRE)
  • Custom Feedroll Infeed Chute (Muffler)
  • Custom Gear Reducers
  • Dancer Bar
  • Multiple Infeeds & Hoppers
  • Knurled Rolls
  • Custom Roll Widths

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