BlendTrac® Software – Enabling Smart Blending

BlendTrac® Software

Enabling Smart Blending

BlendTrac® Software collects useful data to help your factory use raw materials in a smarter way. This powerful software is used to centralize inventory control, optimize quality and reduce labor and material costs. BlendTrac® aggregates and presents blending data in a way that helps your operators make well informed decisions and reduce errors.

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Centralize Inventory Control
  • Eliminate manual labor dedicated to inventory tracking at each blender
  • Download reports on inventory usage
  • Track quantity and material type used plant-wide
  • Monitor actual usage of materials to signal reorder
  • Create resin database of up to 1,000 unique materials and 1,000 locations
  • Connect vendor PO for each material
Optimize Quality
  • Log quality metrics on up to 5,000 consecutive batch weights to monitor trends
  • Monitor system parameters to improve quality through data acquisition and graphing
  • Create blending recipes to avoid manual input errors
  • Generate time/date stamped reports and log alarms for quality control
Save Labor & Material Costs
  • Monitor key blending parameters/ quality from central or remote location rather than visiting each individual blender
  • Reduce cost by precise usage of expensive additives and materials
  • Make production changes easy by accessing “millions” of your company’s blending recipes
  • Maintain up to 100 blenders, monitoring and controlling different recipes for each blender - remote
  • Compatible with Windows 10
  • Monitor and/or control up to 100 BD or OA blenders
  • Monitor and control recipes for each blender
  • Log up to 1000 alarms per blender
  • Log up to 5000 consecutive batch weights (target vs actual weights)
  • Monitor and record all recipe changes
  • Monitor material inventory, even if cleared at the blender
  • Data compatible with MS Excel and Access for analysis
  • Central System Inventory and Silo Management capability
  • Download inventory run rates, run status, target vs. actual recipe set points
  • Store an infinite number of recipes (limited only by hard drive space on computer)
  • Download recipes to blenders from the recipe book
  • Automatically generate time/date stamped reports on an hourly basis
  • Two tier password security
  • Job Report Manager that tracks material reference numbers as well as lot numbers and silo numbers
  • Allen Bradley Micro850 PLC
  • Each blender must have an Ethernet switch installed P/N 893.00040.00
  • All blenders and the host PC must be on the same Ethernet network. The network installation should use CAT5 cable and be installed by a professional. AEC/Sterling does not provide installation services for the Ethernet network.
  • If you have a legacy blender that does not have an Allen Bradley Micro850 PLC, an upgrade kit may be available. Contact us for more information.

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DEMO – BlendTrac® Software Download

DEMO Download Instructions:

  1. Check that your PC has Windows 10 OS
  2. Check that your PC has 30GB minimum hard drive space
  3. Fill-in your information below: Username, Password, Company
  4. Click “Start Your Download”
  5. Extract zip file onto your desktop
  6. Close all programs on your computer
  7. Double click on the extracted file and click “Yes” when asked “Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?”
  8. Follow the onscreen instructions
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