BD Series

  • “That was no surprise to me. The AEC blender has always been a lot easier to use versus the other smaller brand of blenders we have on the floor.”
    Maintenance & Purchasing Manager
  • “The first thing we noticed with the new AEC paddle was that it seemed to blend in better. You could literally see it mixing much more consistently.”
    Maintenance & Purchasing Manager

BD Series Gravimetric Blender

Optimize With MiVueThe BD Series batch weigh blenders are setting new industry standards for accuracy and homogeneous blend quality with quick-acting diamond slide gates, unique mix chambers, and an easy to use high resolution color touch-screen interface.

With 3 different ways to enter blend recipes, the BD Series blender is perfect for Injection Molding, Extrusion, Blow Molding or any other process. Combined with its easy to clean design, the BD series blender allows you to minimize material changes and maximize machine efficiency.

Learn More About the BD Blenders Accuracy in the Case Study


BD Blender – 5 Year Warranty Program


Unmatched Mixing Performance
  • Providing optimum mixing & blending consistency.
  • Newly designed paddle achieves industry leading mix quality, which virtually eliminates dead zones by pulling material out of the corners, delivering the most consistent batch-to-batch blended mix.
Unmatched Mixing Performance
Proven Reliability & Quality
  • Durability driving performance.
  • AEC's exclusive weigh hopper design eliminates fatigue points, improves reliability, and delivers consistent solid performance.
Proven Reliability
Precision Control
  • Smart controls for a smarter facility.
  • Upgraded 7" HMI color touch screen display & Ethernet connectivity.
  • Remotely monitor & control, or collect data for an existing SCADA system.
Precision Control
Operator Friendly
  • Ergonomic design - equipped with convenience.
  • Regular cleaning maintenance requires no tools.
  • Reliable safety-interlock system disables both compressed air & power if the mixer door is opened.
Operator Friendly
  • 7” High Resolution Color Touchscreen display and a powerful Allen Bradley Micro850 PLC.
  • Unmatched mixing performance – new high efficiency paddle delivers the most consistent batch-to-batch mix in the industry.
  • 100 recipe storage book
  • Alarm light & audible alarm
  • 3 Recipe Modes
    1. Percentage recipe entry – Ingredients metered as a percentage of the batch.
    2. 8-component “EZ” mode recipe entry – Color and additives metered as a percentage of the virgin.
    3. “Parts” mode ratio recipe entry (i.e. 500:1)
  • Precision metering with diamond slide gate design – dispense as few as 5 pellets per pulse
  • Oversized square gate assembly for Regrind
  • Precision 0.02% span accurate cantilever load cell weigh system
  • Adjustable stroke limiters for all ingredients
  • Interlocked safety system shuts off air and power if mix chamber is opened
  • 7th and 8th components include additive feeders or RAM feeders
  • 115/1/60 or 230/1/60 supply voltage
  • Remotely monitor or control via phone, tablet, or PC
  • Seamlessly integrate with any smart factory
  • E-mail alert capability
  • Integrated 9-station loading control
  • Low-level proximity sensor for each supply hopper
  • Regrind Auger Metering (RAM) assembly with agitated straight wall hopper (model 900 and larger)
  • Stainless steel supply hoppers
  • Blender stands with air operated mixer discharge knife gate for gaylord or barrel filling
  • Low-profile blender stand for mezzanine mounting
  • Low-profile drawer-magnet
  • Blender stand with mixer valve and surge hopper with integral take off stub or vacuum take off box mounting
  • Aluminum spool with drain port
  • Drain tube with slide gate on supply hopper
  • Ethernet switch for remote communications

Unmatched Mixing Performance

Providing optimum mixing and unmatched consistency

The BD Blender delivers the most consistent batch-to-batch blended mix in the industry, improving product quality and reducing material waste.

Extensive testing and validation has proven that AEC’s new paddle design delivers uninhibited material flow throughout the mixing chamber providing unmatched mixing performance.

BD Paddle Comparison

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