APD-RC Series

APD-RC Series Rotary Claw Vacuum Pumps

The APD-RC Series positive displacement vacuum pumps feature a compact rotary claw design that is air-cooled, dry-running and non-contacting. These features help to eliminate internal wear and general maintenance, cutting down on parts to replace as well as maintain.

With a zero-friction pumping chamber, along with high volumetric efficiency, the APD-RC helps keep costs down by reducing energy usage by 20-50%, and operating costs are almost eliminated because of the maintenance-free design.

The APD-RC rotary claw vacuum pumps are directly driven by a flanged motor, and the two rotors are synchronized by gears. A wide range of accessories allows optimum adaption to many applications.

For High-Vacuum Applications and Long Conveying Runs, Choose the APD-RC Series:
  • APD-RC models produce higher vacuum levels versus traditional pumps, but use 20-50% less energy
  • No more plugged conveying lines with higher material throughputs and smaller line sizes
  • Convey long distances and eliminate starved machines
  • Easily expand your system without costly upgrades
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Low-noise emissions at about 80 dba
  • 4 – 15 HP Models
  • 1.5” OD, 2.0” OD, 2.5” OD and 3.0” OD Line Sizes Available

Inside the pump housing, two claw-shaped rotors take in air as they rotate in opposite directions. The air is compressed by the rotors, then discharged through a silencer to the atmosphere.
The non-return valve incorporated into the inlet flange prevents air from back flowing into the vacuum chamber when the pump is turned off.
The APD-RC rotary claw vacuum pumps are directly driven by a flanged motor, and the two motors are synchronized by gears.
With a wide range of accessories, the APD-RC can adapt to many applications.

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