ADW Series

ADW Series Desiccant Wheel Dryer

Since 1957, AEC has been the leader in drying equipment for the plastics processing industry. The ADW Series Desiccant Wheel Dryer leverages the AEC legacy and expertise to provide a system that is suited for most drying applications including extrusion, injection molding, and blow molding.

Desiccant wheel dryers are the new generation of desiccant dehumidifying dryers. They are far more efficient, more compact, and require less maintenance. Traditional dehumidifying dryers use a large volume of molecular sieves in pellet form composed of at least 30% of clay, which tends to degrade very easily over time. The desiccant wheel instead is completely different where the pure molecular sieve is applied to a synthetic substrate rolled into a cylinder forming a honeycomb structure and covered by a steel protection.

  • Dryer installed on the drying hopper to save floor space
  • Dryer is removable from hopper to allow easier maintenance
  • Drying temperatures up to 356°F
  • Constant and adjustable dew point of down to -58°F
  • Energy monitoring system, saving up to 40% or more
  • Large backlight controller full text display
  • No need for compressed air
  • No need for cooling water
  • Adjustable process air flow
  • Material selection table with pre-set or programmable drying parameters
  • Visual and audible alarm
  • 7” vertical touchscreen display with viewing angle, large capacitive screen with immediate response, clear and bright; intuitive user-oriented interface 
  • Smart Mode: automatic adaption of the drying process to the production needs by monitoring the return air temperature – no waste of energy
  • MPM (Material Protection Management): protects the material from over drying and degradation by monitoring the loading system or return air temperature
  • SLS (Safety Loading System): prevents that undried material is reaching the production machine by monitoring the drying time
  • 5 Year warranty on the desiccant wheel
  • Weekly timer
  • Integrated or external portable dew point sensor
  • Bio-material version for drying temperatures below 122°F
  • Automatic throughput control in combination with HALO
  • Clean room version for medical and pharma applications
  • Remote control
  • Filter sensor to prevent filter clogging
  • Various mobile and stationary frames with and without castors
  • Selection of suction boxes with different outlets and diameters
  • Integrated brushless conveying system “feeding kit”

How The Wheel Dryer Works

  • The wheel is rotating driven by a step motor through 3 main sections: drying, regeneration and cooling.

    • In the first section the humid process air coming from the material hopper through a return air filter is dried in two stages and the dry air is returned by the process blower through a heating chamber to the material in the drying hopper
    • Parallel to that a part of the turning wheel is in regeneration with its own dedicated heat chamber and regeneration blower
    • In the cooling section a part of the wheel is cooled down before it re-turns back into the drying process

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