ADL Series

ADL Series Large Dehumidifying Dryer

ADL Series Large Dehumidifying Dryers are designed to dry hygroscopic pelletized plastic material when used in conjunction with an appropriately sized drying hopper. The unique energy-efficient design features Hi-Core™ Technology, which places the electric heating element inside the hollow core of the desiccant canister, allowing regeneration and cooling of the desiccant in less than one hour.

All models are available in three temperature ranges—standard, low and high. With the advanced PLC control, the features can be easily expanded to take advantage of additional energy saving options.

  • Standard programmable controller and 1/16 DIN digital temperature control
  • Standard unit 180°F to 250°F
  • High process and regeneration temperature control safeties
  • Ease of maintenance with access process, regeneration, and air filters
  • High-pressure centrifugal blower delivers stated airflow under load
  • Electrically-actuated air valve
  • NFPA79, UL and CUL machinery electrical standards
  • “Process high temp” indication light and audible alarm; and sequence shutdown switch
  • Dirty filter check, both process and regeneration
  • Stainless steel desiccant tanks, filter housings and after-coolers
  • Supply voltage: 208, 230, 460 or 575/3/60
  • Low temperature operation 120°F – 180°F
  • High temperature operation 250°F – 400°F
  • Stainless steel plasticizer trap/after-cooler with filter
  • Overdrying protection via Material Miser Valve
  • Temperature set back (over-drying protection)
  • Closed-loop regeneration cooling valve
  • 15°F to – 40°F dewpoint meter
  • 15°F to – 80°F dewpoint meter
  • Sound insulation package for under 85 dba noise level
  • Dust collector
  • Advanced Controller Option – PLC (AP1) Control
  • Remote operator interface
  • Ethernet module for remote communication
  • Peripheral blowers available
  • 400/3/50 voltage (de-rate CFM by 17% for 50hz applications)
  • CSA or CF compliant

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