AccuMeter™ Prestige Series

AccuMeter™ Prestige Series Continuous Loss-in Weight Blender

AccuMeter™ Prestige is one of the most versatile gravimetric blending systems with its ability to feed from 50 grams/hr to 16,500 lbs/hr and is able to accommodate up to 8 precision feeders per extruder and up to 16 feeders per controller. All components are continuously dosed, and the material flow is constantly monitored and controlled. The system has a cumulative dosing accuracy of ±0.5% and is driven by variable speed motors. This system will improve overall product quality and reduce material usage caused by over-feeding, resulting in reduced product costs.

The AccuMeter™ Prestige series features a modular, compact design that provides complete flexibility for changes in your process. Pellets, micro-pellets, powders and regrind are all accurately metered. Self-calibration eliminates the need to take manual weight samples or calibrations. Material changeovers are quick and easy – saving time, labor and money.

  • Automatically adjusts individual feeders to match the extruder rate at the exact ratio required
  • Upper material refill hoppers with refill valves
  • Individual component weigh hoppers
  • Mass flow weigh hopper assembly
  • User-friendly color touch screen programmable controller
  • PWM-DC or inverter duty AC motor (depending on model) provide precision metering with wider recipe ranges
  • Precision 0.02% analog or 0.0001% digital load cells (depending on model) provide accurate weight information
  • Feeder trending
  • Full diagnostics
  • Complete inventory and material usage information
  • Alarm outputs
  • 115/1/60, 230/1/60 or 460/3/60 supply voltage (varies by model), other voltages available
  • Twin-screw feeders and special agitators are available for non free-flowing material
  • Mezzanine mounting stand with 4” tube stub
  • Low-level, proximity sensor for each supply hopper
  • Supply hopper lids cut for non-AEC vacuum receivers
  • Agitated regrind supply and weigh hoppers for regrind material (per component)

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