AC Series

AC Series Compressed Air Dryers

AC Series Compressed Air Dryers offer compact size with full performance with a range of 30-60 CFM. The standard model reduces dewpoint of compressed air supply by 50ºF, and can achieve a dewpoint of 0ºF or as low as -10ºF if the plant air compressor is equipped with a refrigerated air dryer. The membrane option maintains -40º dewpoint in all environments without a dryer on the compressor.

  • Drying temperature range of 110°F – 300°F (43.3°C – 148.9°C)
  • Programmable relay controller
  • 1/16 DIN PID temperature controller
  • “Process high temp” alarm light
  • High process temperature safety
  • Automatic shut-off system to monitor compressed air supply
  • Dual compressed air filter assembly
  • Dirty filter indicator
  • Air pressure gauge
  • NEMA 12 Control Enclosure
  • Machine, Floor, and Cart Mounted Designs
  • Membrane assembly to further reduce the dewpoint of the process
  • Additional compressed air pre-filter assembly mounted on outside of dryer cabinet
  • Exhaust air filter (350º F maximum)
  • High-temperature operation up to 400º F,
  • Machine Mount Adapter
  • Drawer magnet
  • Dewpoint monitor
  • Audible high process temperature alarm with reset button
  • 220/3/50 or 400/3/50

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