Innovative High Efficiency Chiller Puts an End to High Energy Costs

Department energy costs dip by an average of 70 percent after installation of a new and advanced chiller with floating-head technology.



An innovative manufacturer specializing in water flow and management equipment with in house injection molding machines.


The company’s current chiller utilized inefficient fixed head technology, leading this environmentally-focused company searching for a better solution.


After several consultations with AEC on a new type of chiller technology with superior energy efficiency potential, the company agreed to participate in a beta test installation.


After installation of the new HE Chiller that uses floating-head technology, the company saw energy savings that will exceed $20,000 per year, well over the original $12,000 estimated savings.

Department energy costs dip by an average of 70 percent after installation of a new and advanced chiller with floating-head technology.

A Wisconsin based manufacturer with internal injection molding puts a high value on forward thinking and innovation throughout the company. So, when assessing their
options for a new chiller that was both reliable and energy-efficient, their team wanted something new and different. What they got exceeded even their own lofty expectations.

When you have an outdated piece of equipment on the manufacturing floor, your entire operation is impacted every day. In some cases, that translates into higher energy costs. When the company determined their existing chiller system used too much energy, they consulted with several vendors but found AEC stood out in their approach to finding a cooling solution.
“The AEC team came into the room with a different concept than the other vendors we talked to,” says Facilities Manager. “The concept was that this thing should be running 24/7, 365 days a year, and it should be running as efficiently as possible. As simple as that concept is, it’s not what everybody else brought to the table. Other vendors had more affordable chillers or custom products to fit our space, but nothing that was very energy efficient or exceptionally forward-thinking.”

What the AEC team presented was a unique industrial chiller that:

  • Leveraged highly efficient next-generation floating-head technology
  • Took advantage of lower ambient temperatures to reduce energy usage
  • Accounted for load fluctuations in real-time
  • Featured a highly reliable redundant, modular design that could virtually eliminate downtime
  • Could expand an operation and scale up to 600 tons of cooling capacity

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