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The ACS Customer Service Group provides premier after-sale support for AEC, Cumberland, Sterling, Colortronic, Walton Stout or Economizer equipment. Customers expect ACS brands to have long equipment life and we are here to support that expectation.

This support is wide-ranging, and includes the following:

  • A multimillion dollar maintenance and spare parts inventory, most of which is ready to ship the same day
  • An expansive technical service staff, ready to help over the phone, or in the field
  • Several professionally developed maintenance, programming and troubleshooting classes
  • A wide array of preventative maintenance programs to help with the productivity of your equipment
  • Dedicated remanufacturing staff ready to bring your older equipment back to as-new status
  • Sales of preowned equipment, much of which carrying factory warranties

World-class service through a dedicated staff nearing 60 individuals, dispersed across the US and Internationally, along with independent service provider agreements with over 300 organizations around the world. We are continually adding programs, managing parts inventories and training our people so that our customers will be able to benefit from us being in the right place, at the right time to support them and their equipment

Current O&I Manuals, Literature, and Technical Specifications can be found on each product page.
For Archived manuals, Quickstart Cards, or any other information, please contact our service team with the contact information below.

  • For all Water, Material Handling, and Automation Products: +1 800.423.3183
  • For Size Reduction Products: +1 800.229.2919 or
  • For Spare Parts Lists:


Please click on the specific product lines below to access CURRENT and ARCHIVED manuals.
- Reliance on the manuals accessible on this website could result in severe bodily harm or death! The manuals preceded by a are archived manuals. These manuals are obsolete and are provided only for their technical information, data and capacities. Portions of these manuals detailing procedures or precautions in the operation, inspection, maintenance and repair of the products may be inadequate, inaccurate, and/or incomplete and shouldn’t be relied upon. Please contact the ACS Group for more current information about these manuals and their warnings and precautions.