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AEC Acts Quickly When Freight Arrives Damaged
(Created: 05-Aug-14)
Quick action was taken when equipment was damaged during shipping. The customer received their repaired equipment and was up and running within the week.

AEC Stacks Above the Rest
(Created: 23-Jul-14)
AEC provides TCU's on a stack rack.

Chilled Water Keeps Milk Cool with Custom Pump Tank
(Created: 18-Jul-14)
AEC installs pump tank for NY dairy.

AEC Provides 35℉ Portable Wash Water for Vegetables
(Created: 30-Jun-14)
AEC Provides 35℉ Portable Wash Water for Vegetables

Prefabricated Fiberglass Tower System Easy to Install
(Created: 27-Jun-14)
Prefabricated Fiberglass Tower System

20 Year Old Dryers Continue to Run in Tough Environment
(Created: 04-Apr-14)
20 plus year old dryers have continued to work in a tough environment for a customer that is drying engineered resins every day in South Florida. RPVs also add regrind back into the system.

AEC Sells Dryer Based on What Customer Needs, Not Based on Price
(Created: 26-Mar-14)
Recently, AEC sold two dryer systems: an ADL-3400 dryer with SD-180 Drying Hopper and and ADL-1000 with SD-60 Drying Hopper in a very clean and accessible installation.

Customer Appreciation
(Created: 14-Jan-14)
Recently, an AEC Customer relayed this message of thanks and appreciation for our products and equipment installation.

Digital Doser and Simple-to-Install A250 Controls Help Customer Control Additive Costs
(Created: 27-Sep-13)
A proprietary molder and AEC customer in the Southeast recently started up the first of several Digital Dosing units equipped with the A250 control package. The unit is being used to add colorant for a variety of molds/parts and replaced an outdated Gravimetric blender on a 650 Ton press.

AEC Minimizes Dust with Retrofit Kits
(Created: 20-Sep-13)
An AEC customer adds blowback retrofit kits to over 40 vacuum conveying pumps to minimize dust collection in filters.

Unique Install of AEC Equipment Provides Compact, Single Location for Components
(Created: 22-Aug-13)
An AEC customer brings a unique solution to installing equipment that provides portability and easy access for maintenance.

AEC Provides Replacement Pump Tanks for Customer
(Created: 19-Aug-13)
AEC Provides Replacement Pump Tanks for Customer in one weekend. Read more and see photos by clicking here.

AEC Provides a Complete Drying System for a Customer
(Created: 05-Aug-13)
Recently, AEC provided a customer a complete drying solution for its facility. This system was composed of (2) ADL3400 Large Dehumidfying Dryers that processed 1,000 kg per hour each of PP virgin material and PE.

More than just a take-off box
(Created: 05-Aug-13)
All Take-off/Distribution Boxes are not created equal. A lot of our customers think that when you are conveying plastic resin, you adjust the airflow. If you are adjusting the airflow intake on the front of the box after the material pick-up point to control the pick-up of the plastic resin, like a venturi, this is not the best way to get optimum performance.

AEC Provides Products to Company with New Manufacturing Facility
(Created: 05-Aug-13)
A new AEC customer is ready to push the start button on a brand new manufacturing facility, their first ever endeavor in the plastics processing arena. Our involvement in this project extends across multiple product lines and areas of technical expertise.

Angle Screens for Special Applications
(Created: 29-May-13)
An AEC customer purchased an AT500 that was in need of a special screen, called an angle screen, to help reduce longs due to an application that would grind up tie straps that are extremely thin.

Repurposed Blenders
(Created: 06-May-13)
An AEC customer in the Southeast repurposed a pair of decade old OS-007-4 Blenders that had been taken out of service when the program they were originally purchased for ended.

Food-Grade Solutions for Pharmaceutical Application
(Created: 23-Apr-13)

AEC Customer Purchases Welded Silos
(Created: 11-Apr-13)
An AEC customer in the Southeast is about to break ground to make way for the installation of two (2) recently purchased 12’ x 30’ Welded Silo’s, adding 200,000 lbs. to their existing 600,000 lbs. of onsite bulk storage capacity.

Precision Color Metering
(Created: 11-Apr-13)

Dust Collection Made Easy
(Created: 11-Apr-13)

ACS Group Welcomes Jim Holbrook as New President
(Created: 18-Mar-13)
ACS Group is pleased to introduce Jim Holbrook as its new President. Jim comes to ACS with extensive experience in engineering and manufacturing companies with global operations.

Process Solutions Made Easy
(Created: 18-Mar-13)
A leading packaging company was looking for a central solution to process off spec rolls from an unwind stand as well as miscellaneous scrap trim. The 1640 (40100) model was selected with full width feedrolls and a side entry feed chute.

GP Chillers enhance a customer's process
(Created: 04-Mar-13)

AEC installs BD-900 Blenders at Blown-Film Manufacturing facility
(Created: 21-Feb-13)

AEC helps revamp a customer's chilled-water system
(Created: 18-Sep-12)

AEC helps keep customer cool
(Created: 06-Sep-12)

No hassle installation of a GPAC portable chiller leads to lowered costs as saved floor space
(Created: 23-Aug-12)

AEC updates a system installed by a competitor
(Created: 06-Jul-12)
When a customer needs a conveying system update, AEC is there to correct existing issues with state-of-the-art equipment.

AEC is pleased to welcome new Regional Sales Manager
(Created: 06-Jul-12)

Quick Response Leads to Saved Order: When parts run short to complete an order, our team works hard to ensure the customer gets their order on-time
(Created: 15-Jun-12)

Custom Application to Process PVC and Regrind
(Created: 11-Jun-12)

Team Work Helps Deliver Big Order When a customer needs something fast, AEC is there to make it happen.
(Created: 11-Jun-12)

Chinaplas 2012 was a hit!
(Created: 08-Jun-12)
AEC, Inc. had a great turnout at one of the most anticipated shows of the year!

AEC Introduces the new GC Series Central Chiller!
(Created: 30-May-12)
AEC is pleased to introduce the GC Series Central Chillers to its growing line of heating and cooling equipment.

Mike Anderson Named Regional Sales Manager for ACS Group
(Created: 27-Jul-10)
ACS Group is excited to welcome Mike Anderson who will take on the role of Regional Sales Manager in Florida where he will be a direct salesman for all of the ACS Group product lines.

Joe Platek Joins ACS Group as Application Engineer for Size Reduction Division
(Created: 26-Jul-10)
ACS Group is please to welcome Joe Platek, new Application Engineer for the Size Reduction Division, where he assists the Product Specialists with layouts and concept drawings. Joe also helps to run the test lab for customers and sales representatives with various materials on large and small scales as well as speak with new customers to gather all of the proper information for their specific needs.

AEC, Inc Introduces Distributed I/O 10/80 Controller: Advanced Control for All Your Conveying Needs
(Created: 04-Aug-09)
AEC, Inc recently added the next generation in conveying control technology to their continuously growing material handling line. With enhanced graphics and easy to use controls, the new distributed I/O 10/80 controller offers complete control of your process.