The AEC Systems Group is driven to supply our customers with a wide selection of products ranging from economical cost effective solutions to high end sophisticated custom systems.

We have grown to the global leadership position by being the single source for all our customers' needs including our full line of equipment, 24 hour parts and service, and the ability to custom engineer unique and reliable solutions for our customers. Our single source approach allows us to accept full responsibility for each customer's project before during and after the sale is complete.

We, at AEC pride our self on the fact that we engineer and manufacture our own product throughout all of our divisions. The combination of over 40 years of success as a complete integrated auxiliary supplier and industry leading controls technology have made AEC the world leader in the auxiliary market place.

Our team based approach will build your plant from the ground up. Our system design, project management, and installation services provide all the help you need to put together a state-of-the-art facility with years of trouble free operation.

AEC Systems Group's engineers will provide seamless integration with your operation and provides each customer the confidence that they have a single source of responsibility from conception to final acceptance and beyond.